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The '70s are back!

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Long or short, this multi-layered hairstyle is the epitome of low-maintenance. Whether you choose to wear your shag polished or effortlessly messy, these celebs are here to give you some major hair inspiration.

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Long and Straight

Shags don't have to be short, and Halle Berry's gorgeous look is proof. Add more dimension by mixing in subtle highlights and wispy bangs.

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Platinum Lob

Jennifer Lawrence's low-maintenance cut meets a high-maintenance dye job. It's all about balance, right? The platinum shade offers up serious old Hollywood vibes.

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Getty Images Jason LaVeris
Retro Rocker

Chloe Grace Moretz's shag is reminiscent of the hairstyles seen on male rockstars in the '70s, but it obviously looks amazing on women, too.

What you'll need: Oribe Texurizing Spray ($22, amazon.com)

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Super-Long Red Womens Wallet Small Wallet Coin Purse Clutch Wallet Flower Rose Handbag Bag Clearance Noopvan 2018 Sale

Shags look incredible at any length, allowing you to grow your hair long without needing to go back to the salon month after month. Just take Dakota Johnson, who rocks layers from chin- to chest-length.

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Curls with Bangs

As great as a shag looks on straight hair, it looks even more awesome with curls. Go bold and try it with bangs for a flattering, face-framing effect.

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Short with Side-Swept Bangs

Anne Hathaway's playful style has all the edginess of a short cut but with the comfort of longer layers. The contrast between side-swept bangs and a longer back is what makes this cut so cute.

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Loose Curls

Meg Ryan made the short, wavy shag famous in the '90s, and her shoulder-grazing version today looks just as adorable. If your hair isn't naturally wavy, turn your straight shag into a beachy one with a curling wand.

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Messy Mid-Length

The beauty of a shag is that it was practically made to be worn messy, like Alexa Chung did here. It's also a great option for anyone growing out their bangs, because they blend in like one of the many layers.

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Getty Images Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
Ombre and Flowing

Long, loose waves never go out of style — and they're so romantic. Drew Barrymore has been rocking them for years!

What you'll need: OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek 3 Day Style Cream ($7, amazon.com).

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Cute Layers

Cute and easy to style, Kristen Bell's shoulder-grazing lob looks great for any occasion — even while it's growing out.

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Glossy and Long

Gabrielle Union's lovely layers work with any face shape. Just add a bit of shine with spray so they catch the light and glow.

What you'll need: Kenra Shine Spray ($12, amazon.com)

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Smooth and Casual

Want something truly versatile? We recommend Courteney Cox's simple, mid-length cut. Straight, wavy, or curled — it always looks amazing.

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Flippy Waves

The best part of this style? You can easily change it up with a quick flip of your part like Julianne Hough does.

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Long with Blunt Bangs

Make a big statement and try thick, Women Coin Flap Bag Bag Bag Print Shoulder Bag Lip Bag Messenger Phone Crossbody Bag Black wHE7Pxwnrq like Jennifer Hudson's. Just keep the rest long and layered — it creates an updated pin-up look.

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The New Mullet

This time around, the mullet isn't completely short up front; instead, it's bangs and some shorter volume-boosting layers like the ones Taylor Swift is sporting that create a chic contrast with the longer sections.

What you'll need: Kenra Volume Spray ($14, amazon.com)

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Highlighted Waves

For hair like Chrissy Teigen's, ask your stylist for a wavy lob with lots of layers, and ask your colorist for a golden balayage that will bring out the dimension of those layers.

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Choppy Layers

To add edginess to a short, choppy haircut like Kristen Wiig's, simply take a bit of styling wax or pomade and apply it to your ends.

Wallet Small Wallet Wallet Rose Sale Handbag Purse Noopvan Coin Bag 2018 Flower Clutch Clearance Womens Red What you'll need: Living Proof Molding Clay ($23, amazon.com)

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Getty Images Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
Full and Curly

Want to look like a true Hollywood starlet? Try a full, curled look like Kerry Washington's for your next special event.

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Getty Images Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
Long Layers

If you're growing your hair out, try Julia Roberts' flattering cut. It can go from casual to glamorous in seconds.

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Short, Loose Layers

Curl the front sections of your hair away from your face with a flat iron to get Emma Stone's controlled-chaos look. It lets your features be the star of the show.

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Fluffy Waves

Use your natural texture to get Scarlett Johansson's easygoing bob. All you have to do is wash, tousle, air dry it, and go!

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Smooth and Sleek

Kristen Stewart's slicked-down style combines short layers at her crown and longer ones closer to her face — perfect if you want a little drama.

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